"You Only Live Life Once"


Imagine YOLLO Wellness as being like a health club.  In this club we gather people who have ailments and want to reduce medication dependence. Also in this club are people who are well but don’t want to wait until they get sick before they take care of themselves.  They simply want to make their brain smarter or their body stronger, and to feel better and happier.  They are also young parents or parents to be who want to plan ahead for themselves and for their children; to give their children the best intellectual and physical start in life that is possible. 


We have gathered information over the past twelve years to make this possible for you.  There are no guarantees in life, however, we are all wired the same way.  Every cell in our body has the same frequency.  Every cell in mitochondria requires the same sources of energy and our body was made to work with all of its functions of the autonomic nervous system working together.  Our job is to figure out where the broken pieces are, and to help you put it back together.  We have formulated the perfect healing modalities that have been proven in my practice to work over and over again with your effort.  It’s time to take your situation, make a project out of it, and get your life back so you are feeling great again.  Prevention is key and we have just what it takes to help you get there.


Our Mission
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YOLLO Wellness (You Only Live Life Once) mission is to provide modalities of healing for the mind, body and spirit in an educational and passionate environment.  Our specialists have been certified and continue their education and training daily to provide the highest level of white glove service to South West Florida.  Our facility utilizes the highest quality of FDA approved equipment for the most precise results.  We utilize a team of Medical Physicians and Consultants from around the United States as well as Southwest Florida to provide a protocol best for YOU to heal.  



Wendy Law, CCT, CNC


Dr. Ronald Gardner M.D.

(Medical Director)


Amber Law, CCT, CNC


Paige Law

Vanessa Scott

Marsha Newton


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